Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana

Valkana events timeline

Date Event
Pre-history An alien civization terraforms Valkana
-1200 SR The rise of the elven and saurian empires
-500 SR The empires begin a life and death struggle
-350 SR The saurians and their servitor races defeat the elves. The elves retreat to distant sanctuaries
-275 SR The orcs rebel against the saurians, tearing the empire apart in a civil war
-200 SR The Cataclysm. The Endless Night begins
1 SR The sun comes out, ending the Endless Night
990 SR The Prophet Dhawan begins to preach
999 SR The Chaos Wars Begin
1115 SR The Prophet is defeated and the Chaos Wars end
1450 SR Present day



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