Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana

Character creation

On the 5th, we will be creating your characters. Here are the basic steps and a brief description:

1. Create a character concept – This is a broad description of the type of character you want to play (a soldier with aspirations to knighthood, an awkward bookworm that thirsts for adventure, or street performer living off of the picked pockets of his audience). This is something you can start thinking about now, if you like.

2. Determine your abilities – We will roll dice to figure out your core physical and mental abilities

3. Choose a race – You will choose which of the 7 character races (dwarf, elf, gnome, halfling, human, orc, or saurian) you want to play

4. Determine social class and background – What did your character do before becoming an adventurer? Were you nobility, a goddamned hobo, or something in between?

5. Choose a class – Spellslinger, swordsman, thief? We will pick what your character does now, choosing from mage, rogue, or warrior

6. Pick starting equipment – Gear up or die horribly

7. Calculate defense – how easy is it for baddies (or good guys, I’m not judging) to hit you? Easier to calculate than you are imagining right now. Not sure why it is it’s own step.

8. Pick a name – S’etthk Yellowscale or Trump the Pig-fucker. It’s up to you!

9. Choose goals and character ties – How did you meet your fellow adventurers? What have you done together so far? What are your character’s personal goals? Is S’etthk looking for his missing brother? Does Trump want to fuck all of the pigs?

This will be an easy, imaginative and fun session. There will likely be no actual gameplay yet, unless we finish really quickly.

Also, Donald Trump is a pig-fucker.



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