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Valkana is a world where magic and technology meet. Two and a half millennia ago, it was a land shared by the elves, beautiful and of the natural world, and the saurians, a lizard-like race of cunning slavers. The two empires warred and the elves were driven back to distant sanctuaries. The victory of the lizard folk did not last long; the orcs, one of the two servitor races grew restless in their slavery and rebelled. The saurians equipped the other slave race, the dwarves and drove them into a vicious civil war. The saurians and loyal dwarves were about to claim victory when the sky erupted in fire…

None of the races know for certain what caused the Cataclysm, but they know that in a matter of moments, the fire in the sky leveled mountains, flooded the lands, and ruined cities that had stood for a thousand years. The next two centuries, called the Endless Night, saw the sun blotted out by thick clouds while those that lived fought for survival. Some fled underground, the elves that could remained in the ruins of their hidden sanctuaries, and the tough and brutal orcs fought for dominance of the scarred surface.

When the clouds finally parted, the survivors found that they had been joined by new races during the 200 year Endless Night; Humans, gnomes, halflings, and beast-folk appeared, their origin a mystery. During this time of rebirth, the races came together to rebuild and thrive. Great advances were made on the old Saurian technology, but also a new force appeared that could not be explained by the current science. First to embrace it, the elves called this new force magic, and once they displayed its power to the other races, they were quick to follow.

For nearly a thousand years, Valkana flourished with its technological marvels, magical miracles, and a fusion of both. In the year 990 SR (Solar Reckoning, counted from the year the sun shone again) the Prophet Dhawan, an eloquent saurian began to preach against the entanglement of science and magic. She called this melding a blasphemy and provoked the pure mages to purify the world of it or the gods would bring about a second Cataclysm. Dhawan’s rebellion soon spread across the continent, and thus began the Chaos Wars.

After a century of furious battles, the Prophet Dhawan was finally defeated and her followers scattered. Many of the cities rebuilt after the Cataclysm were destroyed, and new cities took their place. Valkana rebuilds once again and now, and the year 1450 SR, a group of young adventurers endeavor to make their mark on the healing world…

Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana

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